• SPSEMI commitment to product solutions and system design, help, help you to target your...

  • BPSS surge absorber with superior ability to inhibit voltage capability super, super-fast response ...

  • SPSEMI 10th anniversary, the company arranged the staff trip to phuket, Thailand.

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SPSEMI in Taipei,Shanghai and Shenzhen to set up R & D institutions,R & D force,with a strong research


  • TVS

    "Transient Voltage Suppressor" is a high-quality surge absorber to the diode (V characteristics), in parallel in the circuit. Nature of the lightning ...

  • ASS

    ASS(Auto Surge Suppressor) SPSEMI independent research and development of automotive grade special clamp voltage protection device

  • BPSS

    "BPSS " with super surge absorption capacity, voltage super capacity, response speed fast, usually are connected in the circuit, which can solve the p...

  • ESD

    TVS Array is a small \ array of TVS. With a small volume (minimum 0402) Low capacitance (lowest 0.05PF) Multi-channel arrays (up to 16) and so on. A...

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